Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty) and Other Plastic Surgery Procedures for Asian Noses

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 The most common part of Asian rhinoplasty (nose lift surgery) is the insertion of an implant to augment  the bridge. See photo directly below:

Philippines Nose Implant Patient
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The Procedure Price for a Nose Lift (Implant) is $1,475 US Dollars

Nose Implant

Asians tend to have short nasal bones, depressed dorsum (nose) bridge, short nose, weak cartilage, inadequate septal cartilage for use of grafts, inadequate tip projection and a  wide alar (nose wing) base. 

Implant Augmentation of the Nasal Bridge 

Nose Implant Art

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The second most common part of Asian Rhinoplasty

 (nose surgery) is the correction of a wide alar (nose wing) base, see drawing directly below:

Alar Base (nose wings) drawing

The incision for alar base reduction should be planned so that the resulting scar comes to rest in the crease between the nose and the face; see photo directly above. They are indiscernible when an alar base reduction is performed properly.

The Procedure Price for Alar Reduction (nose wing reduction) is $1,200 US Dollars

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Shenyang China

Shenyang Montage

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